Tuesday, July 22, 2014

a peek inside Lucy's playroom

Recently I had enough of Lucy's toys scattered all over the house, it was starting to feel like every room belonged to her so I decided to do a little organizing, consolitating and bringing the major play things into one room. Since we co-sleep (you can read about it here and here) we don't need a bed in her room and while this will absolutely change, it's not happening any time soon so I decided to decorate and organize her room like playroom. 

Our house has a huge master bedroom and two TEENY TINY bedrooms so we are limited with how and what to put into Lucy's room because we are working with about 100 square feet. Before were just throwing all of her stuff into the room and letting it be a catch all. 

I decided to really get the room set up to maximize the floor space for playing and then use the perimeter walls for all her things. Now that Lucy is two, she is noticing everything so it was important to put some creativity into everything.

I painted one of my favorite quotes on the wall (by E.E. Cummings), I created a fun little gallery wall with her art (she LOVES THIS!) and rearranged the things on her walls and shelves. I kept the colors light and airy with bright pops of color. (See tutorial for faux antlers HERE and handmade family dolls HERE)
I used those canvas storage bags (see tutorial HERE) that I made a while back for her stuffed animals.

We straightened up the book wall (see book wall tutorial HERE).

We hung a new picture above her coat rack (rack made from a piece of wood found on the beach)

Lucy and I selected some of her favorite toys created a display on her dresser and shelves that will be rotated out.

The kid is obsessed with stuffed animals and she has SO MANY so I hung a shoe rack on the back of her door as a place for all the little ones- SO MUCH BETTER!!!

While a clean room won't last, I'm just happy to have things a little better organized!


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