Tuesday, July 29, 2014

doodled dishwasher

As I shared yesterday, we are in the midst of working on transforming our kitchen into something that is a little more our style and part of that style is incorporating creative little touches. After looking at our budget, we decided that replacing all of our appliances with new ones just didn't matter that much to us. The only appliance that needs to be replaced is our stove, the dishwasher and fridge are GREAT- no they are not top of the line stainless steel but they work just fine. The dishwasher is dated so I decided to use my love of drawing pattern to transform a dishwasher from the 80's into a fun piece of art!

While I could have drawn directly onto the surface of the dishwasher I decided to go with something a little less permanent (I tend to change things so I wanted to be able to take my drawing off and make a new one someday!) so I used white contact paper.

I cut the contact paper to size (I covered all the areas except the panel of buttons). 

The next step I gave lots of thought and planning- while I could have doodled on the paper before sticking it to the dishwasher, after some experimentation, it was pretty challenging so I decided to go ahead and stick the blank paper to the dishwasher and then draw. 

Then I went to town doodling! I work pretty fast on creative projects but this one wasTIME CONSUMING- it took me an entire day (about 9+ hours) which for me is a long time. It was hard on my black and my hand but the end result is SO cool!

In one day and for about $10.00 our dated dishwasher was transformed into a really cool and unique statement piece in the kitchen! So much better than stainless steel (in my opinion).

For those who will ask- yes, we have run the dishwasher a couple of time and the contact paper is holding up just fine!


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