Friday, July 11, 2014

fashion friday- coiled rope pouches

When you make craft and DIY projects for a living, you end up with all kinds of excess and projects fails! Back when I made coil rope baskets (you can check out the post HERE) I had to experiment A LOT with different sizes and shapes and I ended up with lots of castaways and scraps. Being someone who can't seem to throw stuff out, I held onto all those scraps and recently had the bright idea to turn those scraps into little purses and pouches!

I used my castaway baskets (they were quite large) and cut them up, like you would a piece of fabric. If you would like to see how I coiled and sewed the rope, you'll have to check out my post on making the rope baskets to see how I coiled and sewed the rope.

Next, I sewed those pieces into simple purses and pouches. I created a cross body bag by sewing up the sides and the bottom of two rectangles and then added rope!

Note- I used cut up baskets but you could also coil that rope FLAT instead of turning it into a basket and then sew with it.

I even used zippers to create really simple pouches out of my little scraps.

Note- the stitched rope is way too rigid to sew things on the inside and then turn them right side out so I stitched everything on the outside.


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