Monday, July 14, 2014

potting table makeover

It felt so good to tackle our backyard project and while everything looks AMAZING, we had one big mess left to address- the back of our shed where we have a covered potting area and work bench. Up until now, this area has been the catch all for our tools, scrap wood, piles of weeds and basically anything we didn't want to deal with. So we set out to clean up the area and turn it into a potting table and place to store all of our gardening gear. Our goal was to spend little to no money and use things that we already had on hand!

Here is the before and after! I gotta say that out of all the projects we have worked on, this one might be one of my favorites because it was so simple! Here is what we did:

So we started by cleaning things up and this really made the most difference. Sometimes a good DIY project is as simple as a good cleaning! We pulled weeds, removed the scrap wood, power washed everything, I even added a fresh coat of white paint to the trim. Then we gathered up all of our gardening stuff and made a plan.

We wanted a place to hang our tools that we use everyday and also wanted a shelf to store pots so Andy used scraps of a leftover picket fence and turned them into a storage rack to hang above the work bench.

I love barn quilts and wanted to put my twist on the concept to create a colorful statement piece that could hang at the top of the shed. I used a scrap piece of plywood and painted colorful blocks. I love how much POP this adds to the space!

The last step was to fill the area with all of our gardening tools and supplies. Its so wonderful how just a few simple and creative changes completely transform a space!


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